About Us


Financial & Banking System (FBS) is Sudanese Software Company established in 2007 with a paid capital of 5 Million US Dollars and headquartered in Khartoum.

FBS was established by number of the biggest banks in SUDAN in addition to the Electronic Banking Services Co., which is the sole operator of the clearing house, national ATM switch, and the national Swift bureau.

FBS takes pride in providing high-quality, cost-effective and timely solutions, serving the needs for both small and large businesses alike. FBS started as a local company that serves Sudanese clients. Now, FBS is proud to grow to a regional company covering east and central Africa as well.

FBS has four implement in Djibouti, Somalia, Somalia land and South Sudan.


Owner source license of Penta bank Core banking system
Establishment of FBS Company as independent company
First regional partnership with Salam Africa Bank, Djibouti
Working with Dahabshill Group in Djibouti
Development of Internet banking
Entering Somalia with Trust Africa Bank
Launching first edition of MIZAN Centralized Core banking System
Development of Mobile Banking & payment offering


Executive - Management

Mr. Yasser Kamal Satti

General Manager

Mr. Khalid Mohamed Issa

Finance and Administration Manager

Mr. Bahaa Eldin Ali Hassan

Software Development & Technical Support Manager

Mr. Tilal Ali Mohammad

Projects Manager

Mr. Mohamed Elfatih Sirelkhatim

Marketing & Business Development Manager

Vision &Mission


To become the first choice partner in the banking & financial software industry in Sudan and Africa


Develop and implement state-of-the-art, yet cost effective, banking and financial solutions
Make strategic partnerships with our clients by working closely and hand in hand with them to convert their IT expenditures into measurable benefits

FBS Focus

  • Software Development and technical support for banking and financial solutions.
  • Development and support and maintenance the financial and administrative systems.
  • Sourcing and resettlement modern banking systems.
  • Developing local talent and knowledge to drive excellence in software development of modern banking and financial solutions
  • Providing investment banking services in the technical and business development areas.
  • Providing Training services in the fields of banking and financial solutions.
  • Import, distribution and maintenance of equipment used in the operation of banking regulations
  • Installing and operating computer networks.